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Credit Reports For PROA Members

All Reports Are Provided By:

Setting up your new ATS account is easy!

  1. Download and print the following two documents:

    An Application and Customer Service Agreement with our supplier, ATS, Inc.

    A PROA Membership Certificate.  This must be submitted to ATS, Inc. along with your application to obtain PROA's group purchasing discounts.

  2. Fill out and sign the agreement.  The form can be filled out on your computer screen and then printed.  Attach your PROA membership certificate and the required supporting documents to verify that you are a landlord (explained in the application).

  3. Fax or mail the agreement to ATS, Inc.
    (Using the fax number or address listed in the agreement).

  4. All credit reporting agencies are required to conduct an on-site visit and verification of your place of business to insure that you comply with requirements to maintain security for personal credit information (this is explained in the agreement).

    ATS charges an initial one-year membership fee of $70.00.  This covers the cost of the on-site visit and processing your membershp.  Thereafter, there is an annual membership renewal fee of $25.00.
After all the above requirements are met, you will receive your ATS User Name and Password.

Once you receive your ATS User Name and Password:
  1. Return to the PROA web site:  www.PROAssoc.org

  2. Log in as a PROA Member using your PROA ID.

  3. Click the "Online Credit Reports" button.

  4. Follow the links for "Existing Credit Report Users"

  5. Log on to ATS and obtain your reports.

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